I am an author, explorer and entrepeneur: Australian by birth, British by adoption and African adventurer by nature.


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I have crossed the continent’s dusty roads by bicycle, stayed in forest enclosed villages and been moved by the incredible strength of rural women.

I am also a businesswoman who founded a social enterprise and a consultancy practice in megacity Lagos, a thriving metropolis where Africa’s future is being written.


My mission is to transform views and ideas about modern Africa (Enterprising! Exciting! On the Move!) and support those engaged in shaping it’s destiny.

I seek to inspire others – especially women – to embrace a curious, adventurous spirit in life, business and travel.

Can my books about my independent travel and business adventures in Africa inspire you to take your own adventurous path in life and to follow your own dreams?

Take a deep dive into Africa and transform  your ideas and views about this continent and its energised, determined people.

pamela watson esprit de battuta

My talks encourage you to explore curiously instead of fast, and to fulfil travel, business and social enterprise dreams beyond self-and society-imposed boundaries.

Are you ready to be challenged?

My hard-won, streetwise experience as an entrepreneur and management consultant in Africa’s most challenging business environment – Lagos, Nigeria can help you.

Are you ready to build your smart venture in Africa?

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