The Butterfly Coalition is committed to game changing governance in everyday interactions and institutions in Africa with women as the catalyst.

Why The Butterfly Coalition?

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Discover ways that you can improve governance in your own enterprise and institution.

Be a governance change leader at Board level.

Shape the conversation on governance and create waves of impact across the continent.

Let others know that you take a stand against corruption through your membership.

We offer dynamic and leading women:

Personal and corporate memberships.

Pragmatic online training.

Insightful monthly webinars.

A supportive online community.

And much more.

Our story:

love Africa, I love business and I love making a social impact. I bet you do too.

For ten years in exciting Lagos, Nigeria, I founded two businesses to create employment, grow people, build thriving enterprises and contribute to a cleaner environment. My intense adventure gave me tremendous reward and friendships, but instead of a sustainable social impact I suffered financial losses and devastating betrayal by people I trusted the most. I discovered the reality of running small enterprises within a corrupt system.

In Gibbous Moon Over Lagos, I wrote about my thrilling adventures and through many conversations, learnt my experiences are shared by many Nigerians, Africans and foreigners, including the diaspora.

I met Olatowun Candide-Johnson, founder and CEO of GAIA Africa, who proclaimed that: “Africa must move to good governance – there is no alternative.” 

We share views and have joined forces.

We believe in the power of women to catalyse action on governance.

Young Africans should not have their dreams shattered by a corrupt system.

We should be able to trust each other.

Things should not be this hard.

And so, The Butterfly Coalition was born.

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