Solo Explorer Society is for women adventurers hankering for life-changing solo expeditions that put you in charge of your life’s journey.

Why Solo Explorer Society?

Is this what you want?


To travel solo and independently on less-trodden paths.

To create off-the-beaten path solo adventures that help you take charge of your life’s journey.

To conquer your personal adventure challenge, find fulfilment and sense of achievement that you can bring to your next adventure whether in travel, business or personal life.

To explore our world, learn and stretch yourself while staying safe, and do more good than harm for the countries and communities you visit.

To be changed by travel, find your purpose and be courageous enough to choose to follow a new path.

We welcome courageous women of all ages and backgrounds.

We’re an online and in-person global club for would-be or done-that solo female adventurers!

We host live in-person and online speaking events about different aspects of expedition and solo adventure planning: What does it take? Have I got the right stuff, and the right skills? Is it different for women? How do I plan it? How do I fund it? What do I do first? What do I do with my cat (mortgage, partner, etc)? What happens afterwards?

We regularly poll our members for your interests to focus our events on things that energise or exercise you.

Curious to meet other would-be and done-that solo adventurers, to feel the energy that comes from following your dreams, to spur your motivation for the challenge that calls you, and to gain insight into how to do it, then join our monthly get togethers in person or on our livestreams. And look out too for our virtual happy hours and networking events, our coming soon Facebook forum, our online masterclasses and our northern summer ’21 expedition planning retreat.

Going exploring solo does not mean planning alone.

Our story:

Join Solo Explorer Society if in your heart you want to experience the challenges and rewards of setting yourself a huge expedition goal, achieving it, opening yourself to new possibilities, coming back safely but changing yourself along the way.

Your host is Pamela Watson, who cycled alone from Dakar, Senegal to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania from 1992 to 1994. 14,500kms, 18 months, 17 countries. She wrote about her epic adventures in Esprit de Battuta: Alone Across Africa on a Bicycle. She still does not like dirty toilets! But she experienced strait-jacketed life before her bicycle ride and technicolour life afterwards. Do you want that change too?

We love every age, different abilities and all kinds of diversity too. We love women with big dreams for adventure but little experience. We love women who want to get off-the-beaten track but haven’t yet crystallised the what and the how, let alone the why.

Solo Explorer Society was formed with you in mind! See you soon solo explorer!

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