A passion for Africa, for travel and business adventure, and for impact drive me: let me inspire your audience to fulfil yearned-for dreams and build smarter ventures in Africa.

Over thirty years I have taken charge of my destiny, embracing an adventurous approach in my solo travels and entrepreneurial ventures.

Through incredible stories, I underline the importance of planning, focus, self-reliance, adaptability and endurance and provide practical insights into what it takes to succeed in Africa today as an entrepreneur, investor or explorer.

Pamela’s keynotes.

Pamela’s keynotes are great for social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, investors, project teams, adventurers and anyone interested in Africa today, and especially for those with a special interest in Nigeria. They can be customised for different audiences and for specific insights in each sector and geographic area of interest.

Changing perceptions of Africa: Stop doing good and do better.


In this keynote, Pamela uses the breadth and depth of her thirty years of African business and travel experience to change your perceptions about Africa. She helps you reassess how you can make a better impact, whether through charity, social enterprise, investment or business joint ventures.

Pamela helps you see a more complicated and rapidly changing contemporary Africa. Through rich-textured stories, she reveals the unintended negative consequences created by aid and how rural women’s lives are still undervalued. She opens your eyes to urbanising Africa where African lives are being transformed rapidly by Africans themselves.

Megacity Lagos, Nigeria is the uncrowned capital of this new enterprising Africa, and opportunities and potential abound. But in this nation known for endemic corruption, failure and fraud lurk in the shadows. Pamela shares her insider stories to reveal critical strategies for effective execution – where success will help Africans lift themselves by their bootstraps.

Learn the tools to remain adaptable, resilient, opportunistic, successful and impactful in this challenging environment.

Unleash your inner explorer: Learn how an adventurous approach can catapult your purpose into reality.


In this keynote, Pamela uses her trailblazing solo cycle ride across Africa as a mesmerising case study of the power of facing down fears and conquering uncertainty to follow a passion and achieve a big goal.

Most people think the biggest hurdles and risk from a solo African adventure – as with any big life or business challenge – come from uncontrollable external factors. In reality, the real danger is yourself.

Learn how forward planning should be balanced by strategic agility once you are on the way, and how self-awareness and responsiveness to your personal strengths and weaknesses will make or break your project or dream.

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